The Malacologist

The Malacologist (ISSN 1365-3725), Bulletin of The Malacological Society of London, is The Society’s newsletter, distributed twice yearly to members in February and August. The Malacologist carries Society notices and informal articles, including research reports from grant holders, together with news, correspondence and opinion, reports of meetings, book news and reviews, and a diary of forthcoming meetings of interest to malacologists.

The Malacologist was first published as The Bulletin of The Malacological Society of London, but with Volume 45 (February 2005) it also carried its new name, reflecting an emphasis on researchers as much as molluscs. Back issues from Volume 28 (Feb 1997), are archived on The Society’s website. Starting with issue 55 (August 2010) The Malacologist is distributed predominantly as a pdf by email, although members can opt to receive paper copy. Additionally, a brief Malacologist Update with news of forthcoming meetings and other time-sensitive information, is distributed to members by email in April, June, October and December.

The editor is Dr Georges Dussart


The Malacologist    
Volume Date    
Volume 45 August 2005 Volume 46 February 2006 
Volume 47 August 2006  Volume 48 February 2007
Volume 49 August 2007  Volume 50    February 2008 
Volume 51 August 2008 Volume 52 February 2009
Volume 53 August 2009 Volume 54 February 2010
Volume 55 August 2010 Volume 56 February 2011
Volume 57 August 2011


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